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Content added to Dance & Music

Lots of changes and additions! Instructions & music for the Pinzgauer Landler mit Plattler and music for the Böhmerwald Landler have been added. Both were taught at the Delegates Meeting. The missing music for several dances has been added (Bauernmadl, Kikeriki, Hirtamadl, Niederbayerischer Landler, Gauplattler). A reference handout about the differences between Schuhplattler, Volkstänze, and Trachtentänze is now available.  All of this is on the "Dance Instruction" section of the website.

Also added -- three songs that are fun to sing when you're with friends. They were all taught at previous workshops, and the music and lyrics are now available under the "Music" section of the website. Rehragout Polka, Kropfat Pinzgarin, and Once an Austrian Went Yodeling are the three songs.

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