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Communication & Education Committee Launches Online Workshops

Social media in today's world plays a large role in the success of non-profit organizations. Best utilizing a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram in addition to a website can attract new follows, engage them in your mission as a Verein, and even draw them to become members! The very first online workshop presented by Gauverband Nordamerika's Communication and Education Committee focuses on social media and how it can help your Verein grow. Titled "Growing Your Verein: The Power of Social Media & Marketing," this workshop will give you insight into the basics of social media, how to best use it for your organization, and the ways it will be beneficial. Enjoy tips and tricks of the "trade" and give it try! Any questions you may have after viewing this brief video may be directed to Christine Ott at  This and future workshops will be posted on the Resources page--from there you can access the video and the pdf of the presentation.


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