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Ausseer Steier Workshop Video Available Online

At the 2017 Gaufest in Buffalo, the Volksmusik Committee sponsored a great workshop: the Ausseer Steierischer. It was a 3-part workshop taught by Adam Levine and Eric Ray. Part I was Wirtshausliada.This session introduced a typical Gstanzl (song verses) sung during a traditional Landler from the Salzkammergut region of Austria. Part II was a Pascher Workshop. This linked basic Pascher (clapping) patterns and applied them with the Wirtshauslied learned earlier. Part III added a Volkstanz to the mix and then put them all together for the Ausseer Steirer. The two-hour workshop was lively and entertaining, with Adam and Eric providing background and commentary on the subject matter. Thanks also to Michael Leggett and Mark Meuschke for their musical accompaniment.

The handouts from the workshop have been available on the website since shortly after the Gaufest.  Richard Nairne videoed the entire workshop and has recently provided the video links to the Gauverband.  You can view them by clicking on this link. The link takes you to a video with the dance and lyrics. From there you can view the playlist of five videos of all three parts of the workshop.  You'll learn and be entertained by the talents of our two presenters. Many thanks to all those who presented and participated and to Rich for his video skills and sharing his videos with us.

The videos and handouts can be found on Resources/Music.

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