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Article about Gau-NA in Bavarian Journal

“God Bless Bavaria: Trachtler in Amerika” is the title of a 7-page article in the Summer 2016 issue of the Bavarian journal MUH. Remember the Bayerischer Rundfunk radio article about our Gaufest last year done by Barbara Leidl? That was the start of the MUH article, with Editor Josef Winkler augmenting the text with information gleaned from the Gaufest issue of the Gauzeitung. There are numerous photos, some from Barbara, but many from our own Stephen Hargreaves. Josef contacted me in April to ask whether he could get more photos. I sent him several, along with the Gauzeitung. He enjoyed the collage so much, he requested specific pictures in addition to ones I had already sent. I arranged to get the photos from Stephen and others, and Josef set to work on the article. The result is the wonderful article (here’s the link) that is complimentary of Gauverband Nordamerika’s Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen.

Josef sent me a copy of MUH and I gave him Gau-NA’s thanks and compliments on a great issue, with special thanks for the article about us. When I asked if I could copy the article and post it on the website, he enthusiastically agreed and was even generous enough to send me the high quality pdf that’s in the link. Vergelt’s Gott, Josef!

MUH is an award-winning journal published four times a year and covers all aspects of Bavaria. The summer 2016 issue is #21 and is a 9”x12”, 96-page magazine including articles on such wide-ranging subjects as integration, beer and beer gardens, a salmonella scandal in the egg industry, dialect, and pesticide use! All-in-all, a beautiful-to-look-at and informative journal. Individual issues or subscriptions can be ordered at (9 Euros for one issue includes shipping costs.)

For a look/listen back to the article and radio broadcast by BR's Barbara Leidl, follow this link to last year's website post.


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