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2020 Gauausschussversammlung Minutes

The minutes to the Gauausschussversammlung held on Saturday, April 25, 2020, are available to read online or download. The minutes were emailed to all Vereine today along with the following cover letter: 

"Attached are the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting.  Please note the intent of the first motion made in the meeting, which stated. "Due to these unique circumstances and for the purposes of our Bylaws and Rules, where necessary, the decisions made at this meeting shall be considered those of the delegates at our biennial Delegates Meeting.  Acceptance of, or lack of dissension of, these minutes will constitute approval by all delegates.  In the event of sufficient dissension of any one item, it may become necessary to reach an alternate decision by alternative means afterwards.”    The Executive Board feels they have acted in the best interests of the Gauverband considering the extraordinary circumstances of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the uncertainty of when we can safely reconvene.     

"Please review the minutes and return this email to me after you have provided the following information before May 8, 2020."

This post was updated on 5/12/2020.


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