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2016 Delegates Meeting - Agendas, Schedule 4/22 update

The link below takes you to a document containing the following five items for the 2016 Delegates Meeting on April 30-May 1, 2016, in St. Paul, Minnesota:

  • Meeting Schedule
  • Agenda for Delegates Meeting
  • Agenda for Administrative Meeting
  • Agenda for Vorplattlers Meeting
  • Read-Ahead Information for Gaufest Focus Group Roundtable Discussion

Please read all of the material before the meeting and bring a copy to the meeting for you to use (no paper copies will be available at the meeting). As you can see, we have a packed agenda, and the meeting will run more smoothly if you are prepared for the meeting by reading all of the material beforehand.

I look forward to a productive and fruitful meeting.

PRINT THIS #1 of 2:    Schedule and Agendas

(updated 4/4/2016 to include 3 attachments that go with the Vorplattlers Meeting Prop 4, 5, & 6.  The attachments were embedded with the original Word file and could not be opened within the PDF that was created.  The 3 attachments are now added to the packet. The first 17 pages are the packet as originally posted to this website; the last 27 pages are the attachments that go with the VP meeting Proposals and are clearly labeled as to which Proposal they go with.)

4/12 Update: Note that Proposals 5 & 6 of the Administrative Meeting have been moved to the Vorplattlers Meeting Agenda.  Make this change manually on your own copy.


Link below: 4/20 Update: Officer and Committee Reports have been added.  Please print or download; no copies will be handed out at the meeting.  There are a total of 43 pages -- 12 officer reports, 6 committee reports.  Click on link below.


4/22 Update: 3 additional reports were added. The file has gone from 43 to 48 pages; all three reports were added at the end, so if you printed the 4/20 version, you need only print pages 44-48.  The three additional reports are: Flag Committee; Einzelpreisplatteln Exploratory Committee Report; Report about Hosting the 2018 Bayerischer Löwe in conjunction with a Verein in Bayern.


PRINT THIS #2 of 2:  Officer and Committee Reports

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