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2012 Bayerischer Löwe

The Bayerischer Löwe will take place this year on May 19, 2012, in Gauting, Bavaria.  Gauverband Nordamerika will be well represented this year. Participating in the 17-34 age group: first place winners Kevin Walker and Andrea Edelhauser, second place winners Matt La Course and Renee La Course, and third place winners Brandon Saratella and Kristen Collins. 

In the 35-49 age group: second place winners Michael and Maria Rase and third place winner Paul Ulrich Jr.  In the 50-59 age group: first place winners John and Karin Schwab and second place winners Don La Course and Anita Knoll.  In the 60+ age group: first place winners Rudy and Barbara Hermes, second place winners Emil and Erika Wagner, and third place winner Ranelle Resch. Also attending will be STV Bavaria Cleveland, winner of the first place in Gruppenpreisplatteln.  The top three places in Jugendeinzelpreisplatteln have also been invited to participate this year:  Phillip Loeschinger, Dylan Giniger, Joe Claesgens and Brittany Dunlap.  We wish everyone participating good luck.  Mark La Course, 1. Gauvorplattler

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