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2008 Bayerischen Löwen -- Gau N.A. will be well represented

submitted 5October 2008 Every year the top ranked groups and individual dancers from several of the Gauverbände in Bayern compete for the Bayerischen Löwen. This year's competition on Saturday, October 18, will be hosted by the Isargau and held in Planegg-München at the Heide Volm Gasthaus. In the year after our own Gaufest, Gauverband Nordamerika is invited and is represented by its own best Vereine and Einzelplatteln winners.This year, we have an unprecedented number of people participating.

Cleveland<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Bavariahad winners in every age group of Einzelpreisplattlen, so they'll be attending with a large contingent of family and fellow members.Participating will be:Rudy and Barbara Hermes, Erich and Sonia Hetzel, Wolfgang and Nancy Wiewel, and Kyle Ott, who will be dancing with his mom, Regina (Regina will not be competing because of the difference in our eligibility rules). Edelweiss Denver also has a large group going.Chris and Kristen Collins and Michael and Maria Rase will be dancing.Many from Denver will be competing the next week in the Huosigau's Preisplattlen.Edelweiss is a member of the Huosigau.Every Gauverband must also provide two judges; ours will be Leo and Barbara Mayer, who are seasoned judges in our own Gau.<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


Because ladies and men are judged separately, each couple must dance twice. Other Einzelpreisplatteln winners who are also participating include: Taylor Barker from Holzhackerbuam Toledo dancing with Kyle Ott;Janet Malofiy from United German Hungarians;Hans Menzinger from Holzhacker Buam Chicago;Anita Knoll from Edelweiss Detroit; andRoger Mowery and Kathy Bruni from Enzian Seattle.


The United German Hungarians, winner of the 2007 Gaufest's Gruppenpreisplattler, will be on hand to dance.Gau-Vorplattler Mark LaCourse, 2.Gauvorstand Ken Ott, and Gau-Beisitzer Carolyn Marquardt are also making the trip. Numerous others from North America will also be attending to watch and lend moral support to our Trachtler and Trachtlerinnen.We look forward to hearing the results of the competition (and they'll be posted here as soon as we know).This will certainly be an exciting experience for all those attending!Best of luck to all.We hope to read lots of stories in the "Gauzeitung" about what you saw, did, and learned during your trip.


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