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1.Gauvorstand's Message about Gauausschussversammlung

To all the Member Vereine of the Gauverband Nordamerika:

Yesterday, the members of the Gauausschuss had an online meeting to discuss some of the important matters that face our Gauverband, that would have normally been discussed at our Delegates Meeting which was scheduled to be held this weekend in Anaheim, CA.

The entire world is currently experiencing some very difficult times, and our Gauverband is no exception.  The meeting of our delegates once every two years to guide the direction of our organization is a mandatory requirement of our Bylaws, and not being able to meet this year has put quite a strain on our organization.  We, as the elected officials of this organization felt it best that we meet and discuss, as a minimum, the critical, time-sensitive items that are needed to keep our organization functioning.  Items on the Administrative and Vorplattler sessions have been tabled until our next meeting.

I have asked our Gauschriftführer, Walter Kraft, to forward to you the minutes of our meeting yesterday, for your review.  When you receive these minutes later this week, please review them with the leaders of your Verein.  Use this opportunity to let your Verein's voice be heard about the decisions we made on your behalf, and either approve them, or let us know where your dissention may lie.  If enough Vereine have dissention about any one decision we made, we will investigate how to revisit that decision and assure everyone's interests are covered.

Please understand that the entire Gauausschuss did our best to make these decisions for the good of the entire Gauverband.  Please, everyone stay safe, stay healthy, and follow all your local governments' recommendations to help eliminate this crisis we all face.

Mit Trachtengruß, Tom Vogt, 1.Gauvorstand


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