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Gaufest Workshops - What's in Store?

The schedule for the Gaufest is on the Gaufest host's website at this link: 25 Gaufest Milwaukee.  The content of the four workshops planned for Saturday afternoon are shown below.  Note: Two workshops are also planned in the Volksmusik Stube on Friday; these are shown on the Gaufest schedule as well as below.


Workshop by Adam Levine:  Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:30pm, Hilton Mitchell Ballroom

In this fun and interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to traditional “pub or tavern” songs that are often sung by Trachtenvereine.  These songs are not necessarily meant for performance, but rather as a way of bringing together members of the club over a beer or glass of wine, often in the late hours after rehearsal. Adam Levine, a Vereinsmusiker with SV Alt Washingtonia, has been studying and teaching German his entire adult life. Knowledge of German is helpful but not necessary--just bring a willingness to sing and to have a good time. English translations will be provided. Participants will leave with a packet of several songs to take back to their home Verein. Bring your own beer and/or wine!


"Die Männertracht Im Wandel Der Zeit"

Workshop by Hans Habereder:  Saturday, 2:30pm - 4:00pm, Hilton Mitchell Ballroom

This engaging discussion is an interactive look at the changes of men’s Tracht through history. It will include vugraphs and short films describing various aspects of Tracht and how Tracht was influenced by outside forces. Hans Habereder is the retired Vorstand of the Gemütlichen Schuhplattler Anaheim, CA, as well as a member of Trachtenverein Alt Rosenheim e.V. in Bavaria. When he's not performing with his group Almrausch Tanzlmusi, he's strengthening ties overseas in Mittelwald and Bad Ischl.


Tracht: “What to Wear When”

Workshop by Vroni Menzinger:  Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:30pm, Hilton Wright Ballroom

Tracht is tricky. How is it—whether Miesbacher, Werdenfelser, or other--worn properly? Does it matter what the occasion is? The time of year, the day of the week, or the celebration? Lifelong Trachtlerin Vroni Menzinger from D’Würmtaler Menzing in München will take us through a variety of Tracht to learn “What to Wear When.” She’ll show pictures and use live models to focus on the fine points and answer questions along the way.


Trachten Measurement

Workshop by Vroni Menzinger:  Saturday, 2:30pm - 3pm, Hilton Wright Ballroom

Everyone wants Tracht that fits properly, looks great, and feels even better. Vroni Menzinger is a certified Meistertrachtenschneiderin (master seamstress for Tracht) in her family’s business, Trachten Pöllmann in München. Because Tracht is not an “off the shelf” purchase, getting a wearer’s proper measurements is critical to a good fit. Vroni will show how to measure both men and women to get the best fit on your custom orders. This workshop is especially aimed at those within the Verein who order Tracht.


Friday, July 31, 2015 - Volksmusik Stube, Hyatt Hotel, Lakeshore Room

2:30-4 pm:  “Volkstänze ‐ the link to Volksmusik Workshop” ‐ Presented by Anton Auer, 1.Vorstand, 'D'Fuchsbergler' Stoffen e.V., of the Lechgauverband in Bayern. All are welcome to join in and learn some great Volkstänze derived from Volksmusik. Toni's dynamic contribution at past Gaufests was so well received that there developed a residual strong interest to do it again.

4-5:30 pm: "Paschen Musik mit Singen" ‐ presented by Eric Ray,  Musiker with S.G. Edelweiß St. Paul. Eric is a recent addition to our Volksmusik Committee. The Ausseer Steirer and the Schleuniger will be featured as a contextual basis for teaching the various pasch’n (clapping) rhythmic patterns. It is the first time Paschen Musik will be presented with Singen.

More about the Volksmusik Stube can be found within the Gaufest Schedule on the Host Verein's website.

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