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At the 2014 Delegates Meeting, Gau-Musikwart Rick Michels distributed a list of links to sites to download notes for Volksmusik and Volkslieder. A great resource for musicians and singers!  Click on this link:  Where to find Volksmusik



Singing is a great way to learn language skills and have fun. These songs are meant to be sung while sitting around having fun, not as "performance pieces." Here are some links to songs that have been taught at Gaufeste and Delegates Meetings:



The Music section includes several downloadable MP3 files including the Gauverband’s “Gauplattler,” which is a Schuhplattler unique to the Gauverband and done by all our member Vereine. MP3 files for the three Schuhplattler performed for Preisplatteln are available in two formats—Einzelpreisplatteln style and Gruppenpreisplatteln style. Consult the “links” section for sites that have sheet music and lyrics for hundreds of Volkslieder (folk songs); music for Blaskapellen (brass bands), and on-line radio programs that feature Volksmusik. The Gaumusikwart is available to answer questions about Volksmusik.

Below are links to MP3 files for the Gauverband's "Gauplattler" and the three Plattler that are used in Preisplatteln.  The music sequence is a bit different depending on whether it is used for Einzel- or Gruppenpreisplatteln, and both sequences are available to download.

How to download: Click on link, then click on down arrow.  Or listen on-line..

The music is played by Gaumusikwart Richard Michels.


50ger Marsch

In honor of the Gauverband Nordamerika's 50th anniversary, Gaumusikwart Rick Michels wrote a march. Siasswasser Tanzlmusi played that march to start off the Festabend at the 2016 Delegates Meeting, hosted by Edelweiss St. Paul. See the video, taken by Mike Leggett of Alt Washingtonia:  50ger Marsch -  played by Siasswasser Tanzlmusi of GTEV Edelweiss Detroit



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