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25. Gaufest update

We are pleased to announce that the registration website for 25.Gaufest in Milwaukee will go live TODAY!!! Vereine Adminstrators, you should have already received an email from our Webmaster, Steve Schultz.

The next step in the process is for the administrators is to reply to Steve's e-mail with the name of the hotel where you will be picking up your packets and flowers. Once Steve receives this from you, he will e-mail you your password for the secure portion of the site. ...It's time to register your Trachtlers!

The official 25.Gaufest web site can be found by going to and click on the 25.Gaufest link. This is the public section of our site that the general public can access. Under the “Registration” menu you can click on the “Event” option to register your members for all facets of the 25.Gaufest.

An official letter will be reaching your mailbox in the next day or two. Please watch for it.


This is the official website of the 25.Gaufest. All information regarding this event is only available through the links from website, website or the “25.Gaufest Milwaukee Facebook Group” promoted by the S.V.E.V. D’ Oberlandler Milwaukee. We are in no way associated with other sites or domains promoting this event.

I want to send out a very big thank you to Steve Schultz, who put countless hours of labor and love into this website. You will find it to be extremely user friendly. He really did a great job on the site. As always, contact any of us with questions.

Darlene Behr
25.Gaufest Chair

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