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Bayerischer Löwe 2023

While in Munich I was told that tentative plans to hold the Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln were being made and that the event would most likely be held in Gauting on Thursday, May 18, 2023.  There was also talk about letting all eligible competitors impacted by the last few BL cancellations, and therefore not having had the chance to compete, participate.  This would mean that our 1st and 2nd place groups from both our 2019 and 2022 Gaufeste would be eligible, as would Einzelpreisplatteln medalists from those Gaufeste.  However, you would compete in the category corresponding to your age on the day of competition.


Nothing official has been shared.  In the past we’ve received an invitation from the host Gauverband and host Verein with more details regarding the event.  This invitation was usually sent in the late winter or early spring.


I will share more details as they become available.  Please remember that this is tentative so far.  I wanted everyone to be aware of how this was evolving.

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